Pork Medallions with fig reduction

A friend of mine holds monthly tasting events with a different adult beverage theme every month and I always try to come up with an appetizer for the event that is yummy and fits with the beverage we are tasting. This appetizer was made for a port tasting. It was completely experimental and came out amazingly tasty.

This dish can be served as individual small bite appetizers or as a salad.

For my daughter’s dinner I did this as a chopped up pork chop salad by dressing the baby arugula with lemon juice and placing all ingredients on top. Much easier to assemble and a good way to use the left over pieces of pork chops after making medallions for your party.

I used pork chops since they were on sale. Cut from bone and pounded a little flatter with a meat tenderizer. You can use a tenderloin also. Just make sure it is close to bite sized pieces cut thin. About ¼ inch thick. I used a shot glass to get the circles out of the pork chops.

Fig reduction

6 shallots very finely chopped

Package dried figs (stems removed quartered) ( used a pack of California figs and a bag of mission but have leftovers)

1 inch nub of freshly grated ginger

Zest of one large lemon

Juice of half lemon

A few shakes of red pepper flakes

Salt and pepper

About 3 cups port (I used ¾ of a bottle of Warren’s heritage Ruby) (we did not taste at party)

Olive oil


Sautee shallots in a sauce pan in a bit of olive oil to lightly caramelize.

Add Port to deglaze

Add other ingredients

Cook over medium heat until liquid has been reduced.

Be careful not to burn the sugars.


Toasted pecans

Bag of pecans

Olive oil

Sea Salt (my salt is pink)

Cast iron skillet hot

Toss pecans oil and salt together

Cook until pecans color and crisp a bit.



Season with Tony’s

I used a fairly hot cast iron skillet.

Put olive oil in skillet let it get hot.

Add pork .

Since the medallions are small cooked only 3 minutes each side. Be sure not to overcook and dry out the pork.


Let your pork rest a few minutes before assembly so you don’t have standing juice on your presentation tray.

Put medallions on tray

Baby arugula (I used 3 pieces per and pinched off long ends)

Figs reduction next

Pinch of blue cheese

Top with a pecan



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