Dungeons and Dragons T-shirts

I am in the process of adding Dungeons and Dragons and RPG related shirts, mugs and swag that I think is cute to my shirts page.

It started with my husband wanting a list of shirts for himself and his friends an all in one place lets go buy it type place. He has been gaming since D&D came out in the 1980’s. A long time. He had gotten out of it for a while but he loves to be a Dungeon Master. He went through a time where he was burnt out on DMing but watch Matt Mercer and Critical Role inspired him to get back into it all again.

Matt Mercer is really sweet BTW my daughter was at A-Kon in Dallas. She had arrived late to his autograph session and was to far down the line. She wanted to get a D&D book signed for my husband as a special gift. As the session ended Matt signaled to one of his people and they called her over. She was able to get the autograph for her step Dad and my daughter was impressed by how nice he was.

Back to this webpage building things.

I thought to myself cool I have a website I can do this and make a clickable list with images. I forgot about the whole let’s figure out HTML part of this process. It was going to be super easy right? Hahaha. Well it wasn’t that bad just not as easy as I thought it would be.

I started with saying to myself Amazon has tons of shirts let’s start there. I created an associate account so that I would be able to post the HTML for the individual shirts. I was so proud of myself I had over 50 up in no time. Yippee! Then I updated and the visuals that looked great all turned to text ad stuff. Ugh. I kept trying different things and finally when my husband got home he figured out it was the frames in the code.

So bye bye frames and I have a way to post. It does not look as pretty but it does not look bad either. Here is the link to the page.  D&D shirts and stuff.

It is a work in progress so if you see grid things below the shirts and such it means I am adding more. There are tons of things available. I am working on figuring out how to add items from other sites too. Maybe later I can add a page with links to my own designs like this one.

duchess artboard


For now all you have to do is click the product images or words and you get taken directly to the page on the site that sells that product. Pretty nifty the artist gets credit for the work and all that.  I also hope to be able to just add pages for other shirt I like.

If you have a shirt you like or have made something that is not on the list please let me know and I will see if it can be added. Please be respectful of original artist and their work.

I tried to get prices right and not make duplicates if you spot mistakes just let me know.  Keep in mind shops change prices and the merchandise they carry all the time. I will try to keep up to date.

I hope this list of swag is helpful and time saving to all my gamer friends.

I also hope my husband know how much I love him and that I am doing all this work for him. You a my wonderful geeky man.

2015-03-14 17.05.33








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