Designs are on Amazon

I am so excited I got some of my shirt designs listed on amazon merch. Wider audience than just what I can reach through blogs, facebook and twitter. Yay!

I have been wanting to sell my stuff on amazon for a while but did not want to pay a seller fee for items I was not sure would sell to set up a store front since I use print house to make my designs.

I started out using a silhouette cameo. This is great for local sales but keeping the overhead of vinyl and different shirt sizes was proving to not be cost effective. I prefer to go with print house they have the blanks to make anything on demand in the sizes needed.

I still like making things myself and will continue to do so for special orders and for things to sell at local charity fundraisers. The cameo is great fun and I can try out new ideas before sending to print.

The big draw back of vinyl is multiple colors on a design. Using a print house I can have tons of colors without adding thickness layering or worrying about placement a slippage if I try to piece together a multicolored design with each color cut separately.

One day I would love to have a direct to garment printer so I can print myself but that is a long way off.

Check out my new amazon listings.













The pup shirt is still one of my favorites.


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