I have so many interests I do not even know where to start with describing myself. I guess the best place to start is with the basics.

I am the mother of three amazing kids aged 31,18 and 16. The eldest two are girls. My eldest daughter is married so I get to have a wonderful son-in-law. My middle child graduated this year and starts college in the fall. My youngest is going to be a Sophomore in high school. I am a band Mom sometimes it makes for craziness with all my other endeavors. Not to mention some odd comments from other parents. Especially if I show up at a school function and have forgotten to remove my ears or tail. Or they notice adult toys in my car.

I have an amazing, adorable and extremely supportive husband. He spoils me rotten and I love every minute of it.

Our family also consists of a rose-breasted cockatoo. Miss Cherry Pie. An Afghan hound Duchess and some sad dying plants.

I am active in the leather, gay, fetish, pup and kitten community. I enjoy helping within the community whenever possible. I am treasure and PR coordinator of Austin girls of Leather. A member of Austin Pup Culture. I am the packs kitty. I am also a member of Austin Kitten Pride.

I do freelance QA UI testing for web and mobile applications. I paint, sew, cook and make shirts and other items with my silhouette cameo.

I also sell items created by others that I think are cool through affiliate links such as Sunfrog and Amazon’s associate program. Lately I have been using print houses to make my creations and I have found out I can have some fun turning photos into art pieces.


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